Meeting with the new office of Croatia and Slovenia

CRO SLO meetingIn February Inga Menke (EFIL) met with the key people of the AFS Croatia/Slovenia office in Zagreb. The first six month of the combined office have passed and first results can be seen. Not only are the programme participant numbers slowly growing, also the quality of the programmes has increased. Currently we are looking into aligning the procedures in both countries, such as organising the arrival of students for both countries to one airport, and streamlining the sending campaign.

Next to the much needed success in running programmes, volunteer development has been the key focus of the new office. A volunteer training has taken place in November for both organisations together and another one is planned for April.

In addition to programme growth, a discussion on how to finance the office in the future took place and will be continued in the future. The next in person visit of EFIL to the Zagreb office will take place in the September 2017, other meetings are planned linked to EFIL events.

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