Partner News

Goodbye Anica!

Coming to EFIL office on the first day of my EVS – one year ago – feels like yesterday. I feel a bit like an exchange student, who had a whole year in front of her and so many ambitious plans, but the year went too fast! I am so happy and lucky to have had the opportunity to be in EFIL for a whole year. I had the time to see many projects being… Read the full article

Welcome back Ingvild!

Hey everyone! As good things come in threes, I am delighted to be in the EFIL office for the third time! My name is Ingvild Grini and I am an AFS volunteer from Norway. As a volunteer, I have been engaged in local chapter work, orientations, trainings, and had the brilliant experience of being a host sister. With EFIL, I have been involved as an intern both in ECTP and VSS. Now, I am back… Read the full article

Partner News

PARTNER NEWS   In each edition of EFILife, we dedicate some space to partner news, including personnel changes as well as relevant events that have taken place over the past months.   AFS Switzerland has undergone an organisational overhaul for the last 18 months: A) Business Unit Structure The office moved from a classical industrial functional organisation into a business unit organisation, thus trying to bring a market orientation to all of their functions. B)… Read the full article