Partner Development

Meeting volunteers in Bulgaria

After attending the European Youth Forum General Assembly in Varna, Bulgaria, Inga Menke (EFIL staff), used the opportunity to meet with funders and with local volunteers of Intercultural Exchanges Bulgaria (IEB), our partner organisation in Bulgaria. The meetings in Varna were mostly update meetings to see how the region is developing. It became clear during the meetings that Varna is ready to start hosting students. Once all agreements are signed with AFS International, EFIL will… Read the full article

Meeting with the new office of Croatia and Slovenia

In November Inga Menke (EFIL staff in charge of new partner development) traveled to Zagreb, Croatia, to meet with the staff and volunteers of the newly established office of AFS Croatia and AFS Slovenia. In the past year EFIL launched a project to support the development of the young partner organisations in Croatia and Slovenia, and was able to secure funding through the EFIL membership to start up a combined office with a staff member, serving… Read the full article