Volunteer Expert Meeting: How to move from Intercultural learning within AFS to today’s burning issues in society

In the second week of January, a group of AFSers met in Brussels to kick off the 2018 EFIL theme: “Intercultural Learning challenges of the 21st Century”, supported by the annual Work Plan funding from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The group members came from all over Europe – and Malaysia – with high motivation. During the meeting they discussed how AFS can tackle today’s burning issues like migration, racism, (online)… Read the full article

Save the date: EFIL Governance and Leadership seminar in Egypt

Following the bi-annual tradition, in 2018 EFIL is offering the next edition of Governance and Leadership seminar for national board members. The event, organised in cooperation with AFS International and targeting AFS board members worldwide, is planned for 29 August – 2 September (including travel days) in Cairo, Egypt. The seminar will focus on the specific AFS board context, the skills needed to lead a volunteer network and the role of an AFS board member…. Read the full article

EFIL Programme Directors meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, 5-9 March 2018

The 2018 meeting for Programme staff of EFIL Member Organisations was hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria, by our Affiliate Member Organisation, AFS Intercultural Exchanges Bulgaria. It was already the 11th edition of the annual EFIL Programme Directors meeting. An enthusiastic group of more than 30 participants and facilitators spent three intense days of workshops, information sessions and discussions aiming at better understanding each other’s realities, sharing best practices and learning from each other, looking for common… Read the full article

The bi-annual EFIL Support Staff Meeting took place in Brugge, Belgium

A well-attended EFIL Meeting of AFS Support Staff took place 5-9 February 2018 in Brugge, Belgium.  It was already the 5th edition of the EFIL-organised Support Staff gathering, which is now a fixed and expected feature on the training calendar every other year. This year’s Meeting enjoyed the presence of as many as 28 participants from 24 AFS Partners – mostly from within the European EFIL membership, but also including staff of AFS organisations in… Read the full article

Brussels meeting of the TICLAB (Training and Intercultural Learning Advisory Body for EFIL)

The annual meeting of the Training and Intercultural Learning Advisory Body (TICLAB) took place 2-4 March 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. The TICLAB – an advisory group to the EFIL Secretariat helping to plan and evaluate training and intercultural learning activities – consists of experienced representatives of the AFS network chosen always for a 2-year mandate. In 2017-2018 the TICLAB has the following composition: Barbora Fenclova (volunteer, AFS Czech Republic), Viktoria Bedö (volunteer, AFS Hungary), Jonas… Read the full article