EFIL meeting of Organisational Development Coordinators in Bled, Slovenia

The EFIL Organisational Devleopment Coordinators (ODC) meeting took place from 6-10 February 2017 in Bled, Slovenia. The meeting takes place biannually and this year brought together 17 participants from 16 EFIL partners and a preparatory team of 5 including AFS International, EFIL, as well as an ODC and a volunteer. Especially the discussions and the learning from peer ODCs were appreciated by the group. The agenda focused on organisational development and included sessions for experienced… Read the full article

Training and Intercultural Learning Advisory Body met in Bled, Slovenia

In 2006 EFIL established the Training Advisory Body (TAB) – the working structure providing input to training decisions, as well as developing some tangible results, such as the EFIL Training Strategy. In 2013 the TAB was re-shaped into the TICLAB – Training and Intercultural Learning Advisory Body. This added a clear and necessary focus on Intercultural Learning and resulted in drafting the first EFIL Intercultural Learning Strategy. The TICLAB has just been refreshed for the… Read the full article

The bi-annual EFIL Support Staff Meeting took place in Belgrade, Serbia

A well-attended EFIL Meeting of AFS Support Staff took place 5-9 December 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia.  It was already the 4th edition of the EFIL-organised Support Staff gathering, which is now a fixed and expected feature on the training calendar every other year. This year’s Meeting enjoyed the presence of as many as 26 participants from 19 AFS Partners – mostly from within the European EFIL membership, but also including staff of AFS organisations in… Read the full article