Travelling Trainer from Hungary/France to Denmark

The Travelling Tariners Scheme allows EFIL Member Organisations to request the participation of a trainer from the EFIL European Pool of Trainers (EPOT) to take part in national training or volunteer meetings. To encourage exchanges of expertise, interesting methodologies, ideas and concepts, EFIL funds a limited number of the Travelling Trainers per year. EFIL pays for the travel but does not cover the other expenses such as preparation, accommodation, etc. which is covered by the… Read the full article

Training for Trainers 2016 – “Who needs intercultural education?”

Within AFS we can consider ourselves as experts on Intercultural Learning (ICL) and Citizenship Education. These topics we use in our trainings for exchanges students, host families and volunteers. But who else can benefit from intercultural education? And how can we use our knowledge on ICL and Citizenship Education to provide training outside the AFS bubble? These questions we tackled during the 2016 edition of the EFIL Training for Trainers within the topic: “Who needs… Read the full article