Seminar on recognition of AFS educational outcomes

21-26 October in Antwerp, Belgium, during the seminar “Transversal competences for global employment”, a group of 24 volunteers and staff from 15 AFS organisations discussed the issue of recognising learning outcomes of our participants and volunteers, to better capitalise on them in professional life. We were lucky to include a very wide range of participant profiles – in terms of AFS background and roles, national and organisational realities represented, as well as age and non-AFS… Read the full article

Embracing Diversity seminar

By Omer Ongun Diversity has been a point of interest in the latest discussions in the field of Intercultural Learning. In the era of rapid flows of information through various communication channels, mobilisation of individuals, services, goods and ideas, organisations and individuals need to consider the diverse working and learning environments. But how do we understand diversity? How can we develop further concepts around the term while embracing diversity? How can we see diversity as… Read the full article