Seminar on Intercultural and Global Citizenship Education: inspiring & active times!

On 4-8 June, 60 people from 4 international networks promoting a more just and peaceful world met in Hamburg for the ‘Seminar on Intercultural and Global Citizenship Education’. The 4 networks -Experiment in International Living, CISV International, EFIL and EEE-YFU – had been working on this project for the last year and a half and seeing the outcomes of this first cooperation coming together has been quite rewarding. Participants engaged in lively and fruitful discussions… Read the full article

Preparation of the Training for Trainers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The yearly EFIL tradition of training a new generation of trainers continues in 2014, with the event entitled “Diversity and Inclusion in Action”, organised in synergy with the Volunteer Summer Summit. In order to prepare an attractive programme for the event participants, a team of 5 trainers got together from 20 till 23 of May 2014 in Brussels for an intense planning meeting. The content of the project includes not only the hands-on acquisition of… Read the full article

Preparations for EFIL Governance and Leadership Seminar in full swing

¨ Every other year the AFS national board members are given the opportunity to attend a training on governance and leadership issues, organised by EFIL. This time it will take place in Krakow, 20 till 24/25 August 2014, hosted by AFS Poland. The seminar will focus on leadership in the specific AFS board context, the skills needed to lead a volunteer network and the role of an AFS board member. Among the specific topics to… Read the full article

“Citizenship Education” as the leading theme for EFIL in 2015

EFIL’s activities in 2015 are shaping up! We are delighted to report that the funding proposal submitted to the European Youth Foundation has been approved. The supported 2015 Work Plan is entitled “Citizenship education: contributing to a more just and peaceful world” and includes three projects: development of learning tools for citizenship education with exchange participants and volunteers, the Volunteer Summer Summit focusing on democratic citizenship and a Training for Trainers on Active Citizenship, which… Read the full article

Apply now – “Embracing Diversity” seminar is taking place at the University on Youth and Devleopment in Mollina, 21-28 September 2014

The Call for Participants for the seminar “Embracing diversity” which will take place at the University on Youth and Development (UYD) in Mollina has been sent to all AFS offices. The UYD is organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and hosts different youth events (mostly seminars and trainings) from youth organisations from all over Europe and beyond. In total the event will bring together between 200-300 young volunteers. The seminar will… Read the full article