Programmes and Projects

European Badge Alliance gets visible and bigger!

  On 27 June, 50 participants from 11 different countries attended the the European Badge Alliance (EBA) conference in Brussels, to discover the outcomes of this 2-years Erasmus+ Strategic partnership led by UNISER, where EFIL is partner. The event had both a political and a training dimension. In the morning, the conference was held at the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Svetoslav Malinov, the rapporteur on the Europass revision initiated by the European Commission. The… Read the full article

PEACE Project – study visits, seminar, steering group meeting

In June several activities took place in the PEACE Project: (1) the European project participants were invited by the Asian project partners for study visits all over Asia; (2) after the country visits all participants joined for a week-long seminar in Delhi, India; (3) the seminar was followed by the project’s Steering Group’s second meeting, also in Delhi.     THE PEACE PROJECT The PEACE project runs over two years, 2017 and 2018. PEACE stands… Read the full article

Everyone on Track for the VSS 2017!

The official countdown has started. With less than 50 days to go until the start of the Volunteer Summer Summit 2017 participants are now in the process of selecting their workshops. THE TRACKS As always, we have a wide selection of workshops divided in 5 thematic tracks, each exploring one aspects of the overarching topic. By following a track participants have the opportunity to train in depth about a certain issue and develop tools and… Read the full article

European Citizenship Trimester Programme: ready to start!

The 9th edition of the European Citizenship Trimester Programme is about to start: 310 young people have enrolled and are ready to start their European adventure at the end of August in their host country and continue it at the ECTP Camp on 3-7 December in Belgium! As every year, the Preparatory Team of the ECTP Camp will try and make this trimester exchange experience even more unique. We have just selected this amazing group… Read the full article

Intercultural Learning for teachers and pupils: tools soon available online!

On 11-13 June the partners of the Erasmus+ project ‘Intercultural learning for teachers and pupils’ coordinated by EFIL, met in Tournon sur Rhône at the Lycée Gabriel Faure, the oldest high school in France. The project partners were glad to hold the meeting in a high school in order to be in touch with the direct beneficiaries of the project, and to discover how much history and heritage can be found in a small place in… Read the full article