Programmes and Projects

A Volunteer Summer Summit Update

The preparations of the VSS are speeding up as we’re entering the last month before the event in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All in all we will be more than 200 volunteers in total. Currently the prep team is working hard on producing PR materials – T-shirts, booklets, name-tags, banners and welcome bags. Participants have something to look forward to: the community project, the local Bosnian and Herzegovinian Night, and leisure activities are fully planned and… Read the full article

European Citizenship Trimester Programme Preparatory Team selected… now we are looking for 32 volunteers!

266 participants from 21 European countries will be leaving in August for their trimester exchange in 25 countries in Europe. This is nearly a 100 participants increase compared to last edition and we are happy to welcome Iceland and Egypt as new hosting countries. We are glad to introduce you to the Preparatory Team of the ECTP Brussels Camp 2014, composed of 2 Trainers Coordinators, 2 Support Team Coordinators, 2 Communication/IT/Plenary Coordinators, 2 Camp Coordinators… Read the full article

Intercultural Dialogue Day – It’s June, high time for action!

Hello again from the very diverse IDD Team! As we had informed you last time, we are really working hard on the preparation of this year’s Intercultural Dialogue Day which will take place on the last Thursday of September. And I know many of you must be thinking that there’s still plenty of time, but trust me, time flies when you are in good company, and with us you definitely will be! So get ready… Read the full article

Wanted: AFS alumni in Brussels

WANTED : AFS Alumni in Brussels     Are you an AFS returnee and do you currently reside in Brussels, then this is for you!   Dear fellow AFSers, A group of enthusiastic AFS Alumni in Brussels with positions at the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and other European institutions, local NGOs, etc. together with EFIL (the European Federation for Intercultural Learning – umbrella of all 28 the European AFS organisation) has… Read the full article