Towards more exchanges for pupils: event at the European Parliament

On 21st March EFIL and EEE-YFU organised the event ‘Towards more exchanges for pupils’ at the European Parliament (EP), thanks to the support of the Member of European Parliament Emilian Pavel and the EP Youth Intergroup of which he is Vice-Chair. You can access the full report of the event here. The agenda of the event featured two panel discussions, one on Recognition of school study periods abroad and one on More pupil mobility in… Read the full article

EU funding post 2020: negotiations and More pupil mobility campaign

The first months of 2018 have been rich in terms of advocacy for the shaping of the new EU funding programmes, post 2020. In fact, the European Commission will publish on the 29th May a proposal for all new programmes for the period 2021-2027. The European Commission has gathered input through public consultations with stakeholders, on different topics. In particular, for the new EU programme in the field of education, training and youth, the European… Read the full article

European Solidarity Corps: towards the adoption of the programme

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme of the European Commission has been in the pipeline for a year and a half. Now the three EU institutions have all defined their positions and will come to an agreement by May 2018, namely almost 6 months after it was foreseen originally. Here you can read the negotiation positions of the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament. Most probably, the first call for grants will be launched in June/July… Read the full article

Recognition of school study periods abroad: EU to release a recommendation soon!

As part of the European Commission’s consultation on recognition of study periods abroad, EFIL and EEE-YFU have drafted a policy paper outlining the current situation in Europe and putting forward policy recommendations. The findings summarised in the paper come from a study that will be published in summer, to which 22 AFS organisations and 5 YFU organisations have contributed. Here you can access an overview of recognition of school periods abroad in 27 countries. Our input on this topic… Read the full article

The First European Education Summit: focus on inclusion and common values

The first European Education Summit was held in Brussels on 25 January. The European Commission invited EU education ministers, education practitioners, stakeholders and business leaders to explore: how to better address inequality in education systems how citizens can benefit from a future European Education Area how education can help transmit our common values what competences will be needed for the decades to come The opening keynote speech was held by Samatha Cristoforetti who talked about… Read the full article

Updates from the Structured Dialogue with young people…towards a new EU youth strategy!

The new EU Youth Strategy (EUYS) The ongoing EUYS (2010-2018) sets out a framework for cooperation between EU Member States in order to “provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and the job market [and to] encourage young people to actively participate in society”. The EU Youth Strategy proposes initiatives in eight areas: Employment and entrepreneurship, Social inclusion, Participation, Education & training, Health & well-being, Voluntary activities, Youth & the world, Creativity… Read the full article

EFIL at the event on peer learning among EU Member states on Intercultural dialogue

On 8-9 February Alexandra Singpiel (AFS Germany) represented the Lifelong Learning Platform – of which EFIL is member – at the Peer Learning Activity organised by the European Commission for EU Member States on Intercultural dialogue as a tool to address migration, refugees and asylum seekers in educational contexts. The event took place in Athens, Greece, and was part of the activities of the EU Working Group on Promoting Citizenship and the Common Values of… Read the full article

The Advisory Council on Youth of Council of Europe: a new mandate with a focus on education for EFIL!

 EFIL is currently a member of the Advisory Council on Youth to the Council of Europe (or, the “AC”), which meets bi-annually together with government counterparts (Steering Committee on Youth). When merged, these two bodies form the Joint Council on Youth, which sets out the Council of Europe’s youth policy agenda.   The AC began its new mandate in January 2018, and for the next two years, Charlotte Klinting (AFS Denmark) continues to represent EFIL… Read the full article

2018: European Year of Cultural Heritage

Ten years after the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, the European Union will focus on a specific aspect related to cultural diversity, namely Cultural Heritage. The 2018  European Year of Cultural Heritage will spotlight cultural heritage as a part of people’s everyday lives and, in particular, as an unexploited learning resource for young and old. Europeana, Europe’s platform for cultural heritage,is the digital face of the European Year. Moreover, the School Education Gateway provides educational… Read the full article


Here below you find a list of recently published resources in the field of intercultural and global citizenship education. Training Kit ‘Intercultural Learning’ by the partnership between the EU and the Council of Europe in the youth field. Training Kit ‘European Citizenship in Youth work’ by the partnership between the EU and the Council of Europe in the youth field. Youth Wiki: a new portal on information on EU youth policy Citizenship Education at School… Read the full article