Other developments in Europe and beyond

This article contains news from the Youth Forum Newsletter as well as the Lifelong Learning Platform Newsletter. #EuropeWeWant : EU institutions and civil society looking at the future of Europe. On 25 March, the EU celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. For this occasion, the EU institutions and civil society, reflected on the future of Europe, also in light of the recent developments such as Brexit. On 1 March 2017, the European Commission… Read the full article

European Youth Forum’s Council of Members: welcome to the new Secretary General!

The European Youth Forum held its Council of Members (YFJ Comem) on 21-22 April in Brussels, where Alexandra Singpiel (AFS Germany) and Charlotte Klinting (AFS Denmark) attended on behalf of EFIL . The evening before the COMEM, the Youth Forum and the Committee of Regions hosted the #YouthUp Gala, the biggest gathering of European young leaders, where city representatives called on city leaders across Europe to foster local youth participation. Many delegates to the Comem… Read the full article

Updates from the Advisory Council on Youth: Charlotte elected for her second term!

The Advisory Council on Youth held its bi-annual meeting in Budapest in March 2017. Among many other topics, the following developments can be highlighted from the meeting. The AC commenced the process of evaluating the “Agenda 2020”, by adopting a roadmap that will present how well the Council of Europe achieved its objectives over the past 7 years. This roadmap will eventually lead to the development of the “Agenda 2030”, which will have an prominent… Read the full article

Structured Dialogue with Youth – Last EU Youth Conference of the V cycle in Malta

Held in Malta from 20 to 23 March 2017, the last EU Youth Conference of the V Cycle of the Structured Dialogue with Youth was the moment to present concrete actions for the eight topics related to ‘enabling youth to engage in a diverse, connected and inclusive Europe’. More than 200 representatives from International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations (INGYO), National Youth Councils (NYC), Youth Ministers, National Agencies, the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders were together… Read the full article

European Solidarity Corps: a legislative proposal is coming!

Following the announcement of European Commission’s President Jean-Claude  Junker about the new initiative ‘European Solidarity Corps’(ESC), the bodies of the EU have been moving fast to give shape to this new programme. The Public consultation was closed at the end of March and EFIL submitted its position on the subject, in close cooperation with EFIL members running SENTIO programmes. You can read it here: EFIL input on ESC The European Commission hosted a high level event… Read the full article

Towards a new EU Youth Strategy

The European Commission is now preparing to draft the new EU Youth Strategy which will follow the current one, ending in 2018. The European Commission published its evaluation report on the strategy in March 2016. The European Youth Forum has drafted its position on the topic last November at its General assembly. The general feedback is that the strategy should be more focused and less wide, and that all EU, national, local funding and policy… Read the full article

Revision of the EU Key competences framework : space needed for intercultural competence!

EFIL is closely following the revision of the EU key competences framework. As part of this process, we issued a statement on the role of intercultural competence within the revised  framework and you can read it here: EFIL statement_intercultural competence_FINAL We have shared this with the Lifelong Learning Platform and the European Youth Forum to make sure that we speak with one voice, to ensure that intercultural competence is given the needed importance, it is well… Read the full article

Recognise Study Abroad moving forward: almost 40 signatures!

We are advancing in the collection of signatures to support the Question for oral debate aimed at discussing the issue of recognition of school study periods abroad in the European Parliament (EP) plenary. . MEP Victor Negrescu hosted the launch event to collect signatures on 29 March: MEP Daniele Viotti and MEP Julie Ward attended and were among the first signatories.During the event the campaign was presented and former exchange students from AFS and YFU… Read the full article

A new European Pool of Representatives!

Since beginning of March EFIL has a new European Pool of Representatives (EPOR) with a mandate of 2 years. The Pool is made of 17 AFS volunteers coming from 11 countries. 9 members have already been in the Pool for 1 year or more: we are glad to see this continuity which allows for peer support to the new members. The 7 new EPORies are now following the mandatory online course on the EFIL group… Read the full article