EFIL at Europe-Western Balkans Youth Meeting: Connecting Work and Youth Policy

The European Federation for Intercultural Learning, represented by Stefan Ubiparipović (AFS Serbia), participated in the Europe-Balkans Youth Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 25-28 September. The event was organized by SALTO-YOUTH South East Europe Resource Centre, Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with cooperation from Austrian, German and Turkish Erasmus+ offices and support by the European Commission. The Meeting gathered more than 55 participants, mainly youth workers and leaders with motivation and experience, as well as… Read the full article

EFIL at the Global Education Network Conference

Member og the European Pool of Representatives (EPOR), Barbara Lucas (AFS Spain) represented EFIL at the Paris Conference on Global Education, held on 28 November. One year after the Paris attacks the Global Education Network Europe organised this conference bringing together 180 stakeholders from Europe and beyond including international organisations, ministries and agencies, local and regional authorities, academic institutions and civil society organisations like EFIL. The conference was co-organised and supported by the European Youth… Read the full article

School Education Gateaway: make use of it!

EFIL was present at the launch of School Education Gateaway on 19October in Brussels. School Education Gateaway is a European-wide education portal available in 23 languages, which aims to bring the European action for schools closer to the practitioners and to encourage cooperation between schools and other organisations with news, events, good practices and information on European policy to teachers and educators across Europe. It has now 45.000 visitors per months and it is complementary to e-twinning,… Read the full article

European Education Training and Youth Forum 2016: focus on the New skills agenda 

The focus of this year’s European Education Training and Youth Forum was the New Skills Agenda for Europe. EFIL took part in workshops related to the EU tools for recognition and comparability of skills, and the ones on revision of the key competences and the contribution of non formal education to the development of transversal skills. The first workshop was especially related to the Commission’s proposal to revise the Europass Decision . As EFIL, we… Read the full article

Validation of Non formal and Informal learning: 2018’s deadline is coming soon

The New Skills agenda is linked to the implementation of the 2012 Council Recommendation on the validation of non formal and informal learning. By 2018 EU Member states are supposed to have in place validation systems for all sectors of education, although we know that they are focusing mainly on Vocational education and training.  This legislative process would be the one allowing for the validation of the skills of AFS volunteers as professional youth workers,… Read the full article

Erasmus+ advocacy: some positive developments for European NGOs

On 6December the CULT Committee adopted the Erasmus+ Implementation Report by MEP Milan Zver. All the amendments proposed by the European Youth Forum have been adopted, in particular two “difficult” ones, namely 1) the need to centralise part of KA2 to respond to the needs of European NGOs; 2) the need to strengthen the operational support to European NGOs in the framework of KA3 Civil Society Cooperation. EFIL is looking forward to takeing part in… Read the full article

Volunteering is high on EU Agenda!

The President of the European Commission, Mr.  Junker, announced in September the willingness to establish a European Solidarity Corps, which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. The projects would need to comply with the programme’s mission and can vary very much on topic, ranging from helping refugees or preventing natural disasters, to provide language lessons etc. The… Read the full article

EFIL is a member of the European Economic and Social Committee Liaison Group

In November 2016 EFIL became member of the European Economic and Social Committee Liaison Group. The European Economic and Social Committee  (EESC) is a consultative body of the European Union and it represents a wide range of national civil society organisations, from employers’ organisations to trade unions, and from consumer groups to social, educational, development and environmental organisations, just to name a few. In 2004, the Committee decided to set up a Liaison Group with European civil… Read the full article

EFIL at the meeting of the Human rights and Migration network

EFIL has been following the topic of migrants and refugees in Europe and is investigating the potential contribution of AFS and EFIL on the topic. The main initiative in this field has been the Study Session ‘Active citizenship in the refugee crisis’ held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest at the end of August 2016.  EFIL then decided to share its recent experience in the field with other youth organisations interested in the topic… Read the full article

Paris declaration follow up: EFIL at Civil society days 2016

Since last year, the European Commission has organised a Civil Society Day prior to the European, Education and Youth Training Forum. The event, held on 19 October, gathered 70 participants from over 40 different organisations, including EFIL. The content of the discussions was very much linked to the follow up of the Paris declaration, especially in view of the recent Communication of the European Commission on Supporting Prevention of Violent Radicalisation published in July. The Commission… Read the full article

World Forum for Democracy 2016: focus on Education!

The European Pool of Representatives member, Arleen Pimentel (AFS France), represented EFIL at the World Forum for Democracy 2016 on 7-9 November in Strasbourg, France. The theme of this year’s edition was Democracy and education: Does education matters? . Since 2012, the Forum has gathered from all over the world to discuss how to promote democracy and share good and innovative practices. Arleen had the chance to not only attend the Forum, but also a previous… Read the full article

UNESCO Regional consultation meeting on the Sustainable Development Goal #4: Education for all

Member of the European Pool of Representatives, Arleen Pimetel (AFS France), represented EFIL at the UNESCO Regional consultation meeting on the Sustainable Development Goal #4: Education for all (SDG), to be reached by 2030. On 24 and 25 October, the delegations of the European States and North America gathered to discuss the implementation of the United Nations recommendations on this SDG, together with other intergovernmental organisations such as OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development),  as… Read the full article

Updates from the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe

EFIL is represented in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe by the member of the European Pool of Trainers (EPRO) Charlotte Klinting (AFS Denmark), for the mandate 2016-2017. The Advisory Council on Youth held its second meeting of 2016 in October, in Strasbourg. Co-management, which is the nature of the Council of Europe’s Youth Department, means that the governmental counterparts meet simultaneously, after which the two groups meet together for a two-day… Read the full article

European Youth Forum General Assembly in Varna: new President and new Workplan!

EFIL was represented by the European Pool of Representatives member Alexandra Ruivo Cordeiro (AFS Portugal) and Inga Menke (EFIL Partner development Coordinator) at the European Youth Forum(YFJ) General Assembly in Varna, Bulgaria, on  16-19 November.   There were many important topics on the agenda, ranging from the Workplan 2017-2019, the elections of the Board and the approval of policy papers. Next to these statutory tasks, representatives had the chance to share their work and ideas… Read the full article

Other developments in Europe and beyond

The European Commission launches its initiative ‘Investing in Europe’s Youth” On 7 December  the European Commission launched its new flagship initiative “Investing in Europe’s Youth”. One of the main parts of this new initiative is the European Solidarity Corps, announced by President Juncker during his State of the Union address in September. The initiative also includes proposals to encourage apprenticeship mobility through ‘ErasmusPro’ as well as a quality framework for apprenticeships.  Whilst the European Youth Forum… Read the full article