Other developments in Europe and beyond

YFJ celebrates 20 Years of fighting for Youth Rights The European Youth Forum (YFJ) started the celebration of the 20th Anniversary with a major high-level event calling on the EU to invest in its future by investing in the future of young people,  held at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences on 14 April 2016, as a kick off for the YFJ Council of Members. The event counted several representatives of Non-Governmental Youth Organisations,… Read the full article

V Cycle EU Structured Dialogue with Youth: The EU Youth Conference, Amsterdam

The EU structured dialogue with young people is a process of consultation with young people on EU policy making in the field of education and youth, led by the EU Council. The process is divided in 18 months cycles. The fifth cycle has just started under the Trio Presidency of The Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta with the topic ‘Enabling All Young People to Engage in a Diverse, connected and inclusive Europe – Ready for life, ready for… Read the full article

EFIL joins KeyCoNet as associate partner

EFIL has joined the Key Competence Network on School Education – KeyCoNet- as associate partner.  KeyCoNet, funded under the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, is now a growing network of more than 100 organisations representing educational stakeholder groups from 27 European countries, focused on improving the implementation of the 8 key competences in school education.  It  focuses on identifying and analysing emergent strategies in implementing key competences into education reforms, and on this basis aims to produce… Read the full article

CoE Advisory Council on Youth: EFIL ready to foster intercultural dialogue during its mandate

As a member of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe (CoE) for the period 2016-2017, Charlotte Klinting (AFS Denmark) represented EFIL at the 34th meeting of the Council of Europe’s Joint Council on Youth. The youth department of the CoE has a unique structure, which is known as ‘co-management’, where representatives of youth organisations and governments make joint decisions on the Council of Europe’s youth policy. This structure is called ‘Joint… Read the full article

Paris declaration – continuing actions to foster active citizenship and intercultural dialogue

The EU institutions keep working towards the implementations of the Paris declaration. In order to inform policy on how to foster active citizenship and intercultural dialogue an interesting report has been published,  namely ‘Education policies and practices to foster tolerance, respect for diversity and civic responsibility in children and young people in the EU’ . This publication was drafted by NESET, the Advisory network of experts working on the social dimension of education and training…. Read the full article

#RecogniseStudyAbroad Campaign is launched!

The school period spent abroad is not recognised in many European countries; this means that often students need to attend an additional year of school, once back in their home country.EFIL and EEE-YFU are launching the campaign for the recognition of the study period abroad. Partners are EPA,EUROCLIO, KeyCoNet and OBESSU. The campaign was launched on 11 April on the occasion of the European Policy Networks Conference, in Brussels. The objective of the campaign #RecogniseStudyAbroad is to raise awareness among policy-makers… Read the full article

Visa directive finally approved!

On their 11 May plenary, the European Parliament finally approved the Visa Directive for entry of third-country nationals for the purpose of research or study into the EU. For many years, EFIL, with the key help and support of the European Youth Forum, have been advocating for the revision of this directive in order for long-term pupil and volunteer exchange in the EU to be more accessible for young people coming from third-countries. The Visa Directive agreed… Read the full article

European Education ministers adopt the Reference Framework of the competences for Democratic Culture and Intercultural Dialogue

EFIL has been closely following the developments related to the framework of competences for democratic culture which was being developed by the Council of Europe. One of the researchers behind the drafting of the framework, Martyn Barrett, presented the work related to this process at our two most recent “Forums on Intercultural Learning and Exchange” and thus received the feedback from the EFIL and AFS network (for more on the Forum 2016, see elsewhere in… Read the full article

Annual meeting of the National and European Exchange Platforms and EEE-YFU Intercultural Education Symposium

On 7 and 8 April EFIL’s Advocacy coordinator was in Strasbourg to network EFIL with national level advocacy in the field of pupil exchanges and with EEE-YFU. On 7 May EFIL and EEE-YFU met with Intermundo, the Swiss National Platform of exchange organisations for the annual gathering between European and national platforms, namely NEEP. Also AJA, the German platform, takes part in these meetings and contributed via online communication.  It is always very interesting to… Read the full article

European Youth Forum Council of Members

This year’s spring Council of Members of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) took place in Brussels on 15 and 16 April. EFIL was represented by its permanent representative to the YFJ, Alexandra Singpiel, and the Structured Dialogue representative, Alexandra Ruivo Cordeiro. During this Council of Members, there were updates on the work carried out by the Youth Forum over the last six months and the 2015 Annual Report was also presented to the members. A brand new campaign “We Are Youth… Read the full article

EFIL at the Eastern Europe Regional Youth Advocacy Workshop on Global Citizenship Education

EFIL participated in the Eastern Europe Regional Youth Advocacy Workshop and was represented by Stefan Ubiparipović (AFS Serbia), member of the European Pool of Representatives. The workshop was held in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, from 3-6 May 2016 and it gathered 35 young leaders from Eastern European countries including Poland, Georgia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia, Armenia, Moldova, Romania and many others. The event was jointly organised by the UN Secretary-General’s Initiative on… Read the full article

EFIL at the Youth event and Global Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilisation in Baku

EFIL participated in the UN Alliance of Civilisation Youth Event and Global Forum held in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 24-28 April 2016 and was represented by Massimiliano Verri (AFS Italy), member of the European Pool of Representatives. The event was also attended by the President of AFS Intercultural Programs, Vincenzo Morlini, who gave a speech in the breakout session on ‘D-Goals of Preventing Violent Extremism through Education: Educating for Development, Diversity and Dialogue’, and by Melissa Liles, Chief Education… Read the full article