EFIL at the European Youth Forum’s Academy: developing Training & Advocacy!

This year the European Youth Forum (YFJ) Academy took place 17-21 June in Vilnius, Lithuania.  EFIL has 2 representatives:  Viviana Galli (AFS Belgium French) who is a member of EFIL’s and the YFJ Pool of Trainers and Alexandra Singpiel, who – as a member of EFIL’s EPOR – is the representative of EFIL to the YFJ. Viviana attended the meeting of the Pool of Trainers, aimed at developing new training resources, while Alexandra attended the… Read the full article

EU structured dialogue with young people: EU Council adopts a Resolution on social inclusion of young people!

After the 18 months of the Ireland- Lithuania- Greece Trio Presidency of the EU Council…the third cycle of the structured dialogue with young people on the topic of ‘social inclusion’ comes to an end with its last steps: the EU Youth Conference in Thessaloniki in March and the Council adopting in May a Conclusion and an overall Resolution on the topic based on the input received through the consultation process. The goal of the Greek… Read the full article

News from Europe

This compilation is based on information collected by EFIL from the monthly newsletter of EUCIS-LLL and from the European Youth Forum’s “Youth Policy Watch”, a bi-weekly bulletin. You can subscribe to the Youth Policy Watch directly from the Youth Forum website: and   Have you heard about the major floods that hit Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina? Support the Balkans!   The World Conference on Youth adopts the Colombo Declaration… Read the full article

Free movement for free youth – the contribution to Advocacy on Mobility by the European Youth Forum

In the framework of its campaign for free mobility for young people in Europe, the European Youth Forum (YFJ) set up a stand on Mobility issues at the EYE 2014 (see elsewhere in this edition of EFILife). As a member of the YFJ and an active participant in the Mobility working group, EFIL was present at the stand with its staff. The Mobility stand activities focused on visa and residence permit liberalisation, to provide information… Read the full article

EFIL at the European Youth Event – Strasbourg, France

On 9-11 May 2014, about 8000 young people gathered in Strasbourg to discuss Ideas for a Better Europe at the European Youth Event, organised by the European Parliament in partnership with the European Youth Forum and other institutions. The event covered five main themes: digital revolution, future of the European Union, sustainable development, youth unemployment and European values. A key part the event was the fifth edition of the YO!Fest, the youth festival organised by… Read the full article

EUCIS-LLL General Assembly and Conference – Turning targets into action

Addressing inequalities in education and training EUCIS-LLL (the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning) organised its General Assembly on 2 June in Brussels. Members welcomed four new EUCIS-LLL members, the Platform now counts 37 members. On 3 June EUCIS-LLL held its Annual Conference on the theme “Turning targets into action: addressing inequalities in education and training” in the framework of the mid-term review of the European Education and Training Strategic Framework up to 2020… Read the full article

European Youth Forum’s Council of Members in Brussels

This year’s spring CoMem, the European Youth Forum´s Council of Members, took place in Brussels 25-26 April. EFIL’s recently appointed representative to the YFJ, Alexandra Singpiel, attended together with Elisa Briga, EFIL’s Advocacy Co-ordinator. Finally, after a longer process of consultations with the YFJ member organisations and having already voted on some amendments at the last CoMem in Greece in November 2013 the vote on statutory changes took place. Another important change took place in… Read the full article

The outcomes of EU elections speak up for a more social and inclusive Europe!

For this European Parliament’s elections EFIL has been supporting the campaigns of the European Youth Forum (85 supporters elected) and of the Europeand Civil Society Platform for Lifelong Learning ( 13 supporters elected). EFIL also joined the League of Young Voters. From 22-25 May, 43,9% of European citizens went to the polls to elect the 751 members of the European Parliament . The outcomes of elections show a very high level of abstention (up to… Read the full article

EFIL at the Mediterrenean University for Youth and Development – MEDUNI

The EPOR Charlotte Klinting, EFIL’s recently appointed representative for the EU structured dialogue with young people, attended the 2nd edition of the Mediterrenean University for Youth and Development – MEDUNI, in Hammamet, Tunisia. Charlotte participated in the training ‘Structured Participation in Democratic Processes – Strengthening Capacities of Youth organisations’. The target group of the training were young people from Europe (CoE member States) and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Jordan),… Read the full article

EFIL Advocacy e-training concluded

Congratulations to the nine participants who concluded the first ever EFIL Advocacy e-training. Twenty-three had subscribed, nine of the participants managed to finish all the tasks: seven members of the EPOR (EFIL’s European Pool of Representatives) and two Advocacy Liaisons (staff or volunteers of EFIL Member Organisations, put in charge of advocacy). Attending an online course is not easy: it takes a lot of self-motivation! Participants made research on several advocacy topics, engaged in conversations… Read the full article