Intercultural Learning

VSS follow-up: Workshop on Intercultural Learning and preventing stereotypes at the Genesis Global School in India

In December EFIL was approached by two long-term volunteers from Norway and Austria who have been to several Volunteer Summer Summits (VSS), including the VSS 2016 in Venice, Italy. In December they happened to meet again in New Delhi, India, and decided to run a workshop at an international boarding school. As EFIL we are happy to share this experience as one of the many outcomes of the VSS. The VSS is the annual event… Read the full article

2017 is EFIL’s year of Inclusion

In 2017 EFIL will focus on the topic of ‘Inclusive intercultural learning: exchange organisations contributing to equal opportunities for young people’. Throughout the year numerous activities will take place around Europe focusing on different aspect of inclusion. This  topic is a logical continuation of EFIL’s previous thematic years: ‘Diversity Education’ (2014), ‘Citizenship Education: contributing to a more just and peaceful world’ (2015) and ‘Building peaceful societies through intercultural education’ (2016). It has been apparent that… Read the full article