Intercultural Learning

AFS to Condemn all Types of Discrimination

By Stasa Stojkov, a volunteer of AFS Serbia and a member of EFIL’s European Pool of Trainers   It is the mission of AFS as an organisation to foster intercultural dialogue in order to create a more just and peaceful world.  This is a statement that all AFSers can identify with and agree upon. However, the understanding of what constitutes a peaceful world might differ. The same goes for the term responsibility. Reflecting upon the mission of AFS in the… Read the full article

Training and Intercultural Learning Advisory Body met in Istanbul

In 2006 EFIL established the Training Advisory Body (TAB) – the working structure providing input to training decisions, as well as developing some tangible results, such as the EFIL Training Strategy. In 2013 the TAB was re-shaped into the TICLAB – Training and Intercultural Learning Advisory Body. This added a clear and necessary focus on Intercultural Learning and resulted in drafting the first EFIL Intercultural Learning Strategy. The current TICLAB, consisting of Emilija Gagrcin (AFS… Read the full article