EFIL Board meets in Prague

The EFIL Board met in Prague, Czech Republic, on Sunday 28 May, the day after EFIL’s biennial General Assembly closed. It was the Board’s second in-person meeting of 2017, the first in its new composition. The mandates for the EFIL Board 2017/2018 were decided as follows:  Katya Bagdasarova and Bart van Doveren prolong their mandates as respectively the Chair and the Treasurer of the Board, Andrea Franzoi takes up the role of Deputy-Chair, while newcomer… Read the full article

EFIL Biennial Report 2015-2016 available

EFIL Biennial Report 2015-2016 available   At the General Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic, the report of EFIL’s activities in 2015-2016 was presented. The 28 pages colourful booklet “EFIL Biennial Report 2015-2016” can be downloaded from the EFIL website.  The document presents an overview of EFIL’s governance meetings, advocacy activities, successes in new partner development, projects and programmes (incl. annual flagship projects Volunteer Summer Summit, Intercultural Dialogue Day, European Citizenship Trimester Programme, Forum on Intercultural… Read the full article

Introducing EFIL’s Board of Directors 2017/2018

Introducing EFIL’s Board of Directors 2017/2018 Elections for the EFIL Board took place in Prague during EFIL’s biennial General Assembly, and the following nominees were voted on the EFIL Board : Ekaterina (Katya) Bagdasarova from Russia (for a third term), Bart van Doveren from Belgium Flanders (for a fourth term),  and Anni Siltanen from Finland (for a first term) will all serve for two years, while Bjarke Rix Rasmussen (from Denmark) will fill the one… Read the full article

Prague hosts EFIL General Assembly (24-28 May 2017)

Prague hosts EFIL’s General Assembly (24-28 May 2017) 70 participants attended EFIL’s General Assembly 2017, hosted by our Member Organisation in Czech Republic. Among the participants were the leadership of the Partners of the European network of EFIL, as well as guests from AFS International, including the President and CEO Daniel Obst. A well attended EFIL induction session was scheduled for newcomers in the European AFS network on Thursday afternoon. Preceding the opening dinner of… Read the full article

Prague welcomes EFIL network

Prague welcomes EFIL network In May, all eyes in the European AFS network were on Czech Republic, with a string of EFIL events taking place in the Vienna House Diplomat Hotel in Prague, hosted by our Czech AFS member organisation. The main event in Budapest was EFIL’s Biennial General Assembly, gathering more than 70 participants, including the leadership of EFIL’s 28 member organisations.  New members for the EFIL Board were elected.  On Sunday, following right… Read the full article